The Fashion Chair Features in Society Interiors Magazine

A masterpiece will never go unnoticed. We are proud to share with you today a feature on luxe sofas which features The Fashion Chair. Also read what the skipper, Prateek Chaudhry has to say about this form of art.

7G Media Consultancies Office Design

Elegance is a byproduct of excellence. The 7G Media Consultancies office design is a testament to this.

Designed by #TheFirstFerry

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Palatial Living Room

The living room design that exudes opulence and comfort for the mind and body. With an Arabic theme fused with palatial design, this is a space coveted by many but earned by the worthy few.

Designed by The First Ferry

Corporate Lounge Design by The First Ferry

A corporate lounge design by The First Ferry

A space that eases the spirit and encourages the pursuit of higher goals and intensify ambitions.

Poolside Designs by The First Ferry

Wallow in your own tranquil pool surrounded by the aura of serenity and solace. Designs to luxuriate the soul and elevate it to the mundane.

By #TheFirstFerry:

Villa with a fine yet sumptuous design

A villa design aggrandized by the use of vivid colours with fine enhancements across the entire structure make it a novelty of sorts.

Designed by The First Ferry:

The Dove Chair - A Bespoke Wonder

Let the soul breathe in solace and tranquility and exude the surreal burdens that weigh it down. Be mesmerized in the luminescent aura of this resplendent masterpiece. Also available in three different styles and colours.

The Dove Chair is designed by The First Ferry and handcrafted in Germany.

If you like the Dove chair, be sure to view The Fashion Chair designed by The First Ferry here.

Living Room design with a colourful touch

With a mixed use of dark shades of various colours, contrasted with white walls and a faux ceiling, this living room design strikes a balance between vibrancy and minimalism.

Designed by The First Ferry:

Designs that model the industry

Propriety and conformity are words absent in the dictionary of The First Ferry. The belief that design knows no bounds is the very foundation of the team’s vision and aspirations. This is what steers The First Ferry to create path-breaking and awe-inspiring designs that touch the soul.

Majilis Design to woo the soul

A majilis depicting the richness of the #Arabic appreciation for art and design. The beauty lies in the intricacies molded together in this space.

Designed by The First Ferry:

Luxe Arabic Office Design by The First Ferry

Blurring the line between functionality and artistry, The First Ferry has catapulted its designs into a position where it is impossible to distinguish the two.

Inspired by the charm of the Arabic motifs, this office design is a testimony to that very fruition.