Campaign done by The First Ferry

Red Knee Office-artistry, designed and crafted by The First Ferry

Understated confidence and surreal thinking were earmarked as the interior design character. The First Ferry presents an interior that is not rigid; is laid back to be conducive to good thinking. 

Swimming pool in a majlis created and crafted by The First Ferry!!

You could swim and enjoy the opulence of a Majilis in the same set up.We at The First Ferry think out of the box to bring together the experience of two different worlds at your home spaces!!!

Stunning 'Fish chandelier' by The First Ferry

The First Ferry Art

You want it, you love it and yearn for it...

The First Ferry is a fashion house, creating a few masterpieces but all merit world class finesse and look!!

This is what a celebrity interior house brings to your comfortable confines-From a forest look, classic, European baroque approach to Middle Eastern themes-we have it all for you.

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